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Shia LaBeouf

Wow my eyes are sweating

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First Light by guerel sahin


Everything changes in ways you can’t fathom, and once you realize what has changed… it’s too late.

And the saddest part about this is that more often than not, the only thing that has changed is you.

And Im slowly loosing myself again.

Anonymous asked: hey cute stuff - you called? i've read some of the other anon's questions and comments on past visits, damn i must say... some funny shit LOL ...but i know you missed my attention the most - today we'll go by -Mr. A (not the one from dhoom2)

Lol okay Mr. A …can i buy a vowel and possibly get a name too?

"I wonder
whose arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved."

- this becomes almost deeper when you think of non-romantic loves too  (via intensional)

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Beacon of Paris | WF

"الجمال لديها الكثير لتفعله مع الطابع
“Beauty has a lot to do with character”"

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